085 - Painting Terrain Materials

September 20, 2020

Another tool is now working!

I'm a bit tired as I type this, so I will keep it short.

Over this last week I added a third tool of the saga that I began in early August.

I can now paint materials onto the terrain in the editor.

Painting height and materials onto terrain. I need to add a smooth brush with exponential falloff from the center. Right now there is only a square brush with constant strength. In the future I may add support for procedural displacement map and blend map generation to compliment the hand painting process.

As with the first two tools, there is still much to be desired, but I can smooth off rough edges as I go. The vast majority of what I need for terrain material painting is in place.

Other Notes / Progress

  • Added the beginnings of an Active Object Properties panel, inspired by Blender.

  • Added a generic TerrainMap<P: TerrainMapPixel> to power mapping values to terrain so that the displacement maps and blend maps could leverage the same underlying implementations.

    pub type BlendMap = TerrainMap<BlendMapPixel>;
    pub type DisplacementMap = TerrainMap<DisplacementMapPixel>;

Next Week

This week I will get started on the final tool of the tooling saga, one that will allow me to point and click to place interactive entities into the world.

This should end up being an extension of the scenery placement tool that I already wrote, so I'm expecting to have this working by the end of the week.

After that I will be making a list of remaining work to launch a game and then diving into getting Akigi ready for a player base.

I am expecting that these tools will drastically speed up the pace at which I can add to Akigi's world.

Cya next time!