010 - October 7, 2018


This past week I was supposed to implement the first version of the public chat system and continue planning out the remaining tasks for releasing the game.

This was my second week in a row of spending much less time on the game than I'd like. I moved on Monday and spent the next couple of days getting my things in order.

I got back to working on the game on Thursday and tried my best to make up for lost time.

Public Chat Chat that you enter appears over your characters head for all to see.

When a player types in a chat message and presses enter we'll send that up to the server. Other players will see your message above your head for a couple of seconds before it disappears. Conceptually simple, so the main work was to just get some basic systems in place to cleanly power features like this.

Getting screen coordinates A function to get screen coordinates from world coordinates so that I can render the 2D text right above the 3D character's head.


Our net loss for the month of September was $240.84! Probably one of my largest losses yet due to two annual subscriptions that I started.


Two big yearly payments for this month. One for $60 for ngrok which we're using to make it easier to test the game on mobile devices. The other is $149.95 for a wildcard SSL certificate. I de-activated the 5 or 6 SSL certificates that I had in favor of this yearly one. Just less to worry about whenever I add new subdomains that need SSL (which seems to be happening every couple of months..)

We have a monthly photoshop cost of $10.65 but that didn't land until October 1st so that'll be reflected in next month's report.

Next Week

I'll be traveling to go speak at a Rust conference in a couple of weeks about my young but progressing Rust front-end web library Percy.

So this means that this week is a good opportunity to work on the akigi.com website which is powered by Percy. I'll be mapping out on paper how I want it to look and then working on the site.

For some places where I'll want to highlight images of the game I'll leave a placeholder image in lieu of adding a more polished screenshot when I make some progress on the graphics.

I'll also continue working on planning out the remaining work for releasing the game.

See ya next time!