039 - August 27, 2019


Been a minute!

Right now I'm focusing on adding gameplay and improving the graphics.

Last week I upgraded the graphics engine to use physically-based rendering. I also spent just about all of Sunday trying to figure out why the game wasn't working in production - it ended up being a Rust -> WebAssembly compilation issue where passing a compiler flag to optimize for size was leading to a broken binary. I'll have to get around to opening an issue for that.


Our financials for July 2019 were:

itemcost / earning
revenue+ $4.99
photoshop- $10.65
clubhouse- $10.00
aws- $84.84
ngrok- $10.00
total- $110.50

This Week

This week I'm continuing to focus on gameplay. I'm working on a quest interface, as well as adding a few more art assets into the world.

I'll also spend a few hours this weekend fixing an issue where my CI jobs all run git lfs pull even though they only need a couple of assets. This is causing me run out of my GitHub LFS bandwidth allowance quickly. I'll modify the command to only pull the exact assets that I need to pull.

Otherwise we can't use CI since right now our LFS quote runs out after a few commits.

Cya next time!