120 - Texture Asset Compilation

May 23, 2021

This week I added some tests for creating and update textures at different mipmap levels and got them passing in the MetalRenderer. I will need to circle back and get them passing in the WebGpuRenderer as well.

Now that the new runtime texture atlas allocation process is working, I need to update the asset compilation process to produce textures that can be used by the new system.

The old texture asset compilation code generated textures atlases, but I now instead need to generate individual texture files.

Also, the old process was a binary that had code for compiling many different kinds of assets, whereas ever since 088 new asset compilation is introduced through a plugin system where each plugin is focused on a particular kind of asset.

So I'm creating new asset compilation plugins to handle all of the game's texture asset compilation needs.

After that, I should be able to run the game and have it working with the new runtime texture allocation.

Other Notes / Progress

  • Still moving a bit slowly, but working on a plan to better manage my time.

Next Journal Entry

By the next journal entry I want to finish porting all of the old texture asset compilation code over to the new plugin system.

Well Wishes,