026 - Feb 17, 2019

Short update this week! I'll have more visuals next week!

I started the week by making it possible to mouse over the conversation text when talking to an npc and then clicking on it. That works like a charm.

Mid week I noticed that some tests were failing but I hadn't noticed because CI has been red for months ever since I did a big refactor. So I fixed some stuff and CI is now green again and I won't let that slip again.

Cleaned up the integration test for the first quest a bit and now it's much more readable. Previously the steps were inlined in one functionn but now they're split up to one function per step which in turn call their own sub functions when necessary. Much easier to maintain.

Along the path to green CI noticed that one of my tests for converting some PSDs into a texture atlas was failing. At which point I noticed that the script was no longer working properly and was just generating a black texture atlas.

Narrowed it down to imagemagick - think it's because I got a new laptop that's running a new version.

Tried to find an old version of imagemagick and couldn't. Didn't feel like building from source and permanently depending on an old version. Also tried googling for a couple hours to figure out how to export layers in later versions imagemagick as well as researching other tools but nothing that I wanted to use turned up.

So I opened up the PSD spec and started working on a crate to turn a PSD file into a data structure that I can make use of. I worked on it a bit and now have it working well right now. Going to use my free time today and tomorrow to create a little demo and then open source it.

Then I'm right back to working on the game client's gameplay and graphics.

See ya next time!