019 - Dec 09, 2018


This past week I was supposed to begin working on rendering water in the game.

I've never written a water renderer before so I've had to do a bit of Googling to figure out how it should work.

After I felt like I had a firm grasp of the concepts I began working on creaing my own water rendering tutorial.

When learning new graphics programming concepts I find it helpful to write a tutorial on the topic.

This gives me a greenfield fresh application to write without worrying about any other surrounding code, as well as the opportunity to really solidify my understanding by having to explain it to others.

So far I have a blue quad that will eventually become water, and a camera controlled by the mouse.

Inventory This blue quad will eventually become water.

I also started working on a scene in Blender that will be included in the tutorial. Since water is reflective we want to render other things in order to demonstrate that.

Inventory Started working on a scene in Blender to render the water onto. This will allow us to demonstrate reflection and refraction.

Next Week

I'm going to continue working on the tutorial and should have something in place by the end of the week. After that I'll begin integrating the water renderer into the game!

See ya next time!