027 - Mar 3, 2019


It's been two weeks and I've gotten a lot done - but sadly nothing that you can see and play with.

Fixing the texture atlas compilation process

I got a new laptop towards the end of January, and in February I noticed that by texture atlas compilation script wasn't working properly.

It was generating all black for all of my textures, whereas it used to generate the expected colors.

#Before psd crate Some sort of weird issue while using imagemagick for my Photoshop exporting script.

After some time I started working on my own .psd file parser and ended up publishing it on GitHub at the psd crate.

#After psd crate After porting my compilation process to using psd under the hood.


I wrote a library called Percy mid 2018 so that I could use Rust to build Akigi's website.

Of course - this means that anytime I need new functionality that doesn't exist I need to go and add it.

This time around I needed to add a procedural macro for creating routes.

I've gained a bit of proc macro experience recently so this only ended up taking a weekend.


Our financials for February 2019 were:

itemcost / earning

Next Week

There are two things needed to be able to work on the game full time:

  1. The game is good enough that people are playing it

  2. The game is making money

In order for number 2 to even be possible, we need to implement billing/payments.

I'm going to focus on doing that this week, so that I can turn my entire focus back to making a game that's worth playing.

Cya next time!