040 - September 1, 2019


This week we worked on the user interface. We added two icons to the side panel to let you toggle between the inventory and quest interfaces. The icons are quick and dirty - but we're following our usual approach of getting things working before focusing on making them look good.

Side panel icons Added icons to the top right to change tabs in the right side panel.

We also migrated from Blender v2.79 to Blender v2.80 to take advantage of all of the new usability improvements.

This mainly involved tweaking some of our add-ons to support to hew add-on API.

The new version of Blender is an improvement in every way and I'm excited to continue to learn and improve my 3d modeling.

Last week we mentioned an issue with hitting out Git LFS quota due to our CI jobs pulling from out Git LFS server. We ended up fixing this by caching our .git/lfs directory in CI - a quick and easy fix.


Our financials for July 2019 were:

itemcost / earning
revenue+ $4.99
photoshop- $10.65
clubhouse- $10.00
aws- $89.01
ngrok- $10.00
adobe substance- $19.95
sslmate- $149.95
total- $284.57

A new recurring purchase of adobe substance and a yearly renewal of our SSL certificate bumped us up this month compared to -$110.50 lost last month.

This Week

I'm focused on adding gameplay and filling out the world.

Right now I'm working on a capuchin monkey model and it's painfully clear that my 3d modeling skills just aren't where they need to be. I'm mulling over the idea of taking some time to go through a few video tutorials to build up my skills, technique and confidence so that I can more quickly produce higher quality art.

My tooling is in a good place - I can run a single command to export all of my models and armatures from Blender and generate all of my texture atlases from my .png and .psd files.

I'm getting a good grip of substance painter and can make base color, roughness, metallic and normal texture maps fairly easily.

My biggest glaring weakness right now is my Blender ability (or lake thereof). Yeah - as I type this out it sounds like a good path forward might be deliberately setting side time to practice. I'll think about this a bit more and figure out a path forwards.

Cya next time!