113 - Delta Encoding

April 4, 2021

For the last couple of weeks I've been working on a library that I plan to use for delta encoding state changes in Akigi.

I should have it done in the next week or week and a half, and when it's ready I will be open sourcing it.

I'm excited to announce and share it. It'll be cool if other people find use out of it, but we'll see.

I'll talk more about it and share a link to it once its ready.

Then we can get back to finishing the run time texture allocator and then get back to working on the crafting interface.

Other Notes / Progress

  • Excited to finish and share the library.

Monthly Finances

The finances for March 2021 were:

itemcost / earning
revenue+ $4.99
Stripe fees- $0.44
aws- $199.46
adobe substance- $19.90
GitHub- $9.00
adobe photoshop- $10.65
total- $234.46

Next Journal Entry

I'll be finishing up the delta encoding library. Then after that I can get back to Akigi gameplay work.

I will be back next week. Goodbye for now.