056 - Keep on Pushing

March 1, 2020

I'm going to keep it short this week.

I got a lot done on the client side refactor last week - but it still wasn't enough.

I got the new terrain renderer working.

I got the game server received messages system that processes incoming bytes from the server and updates the world state accordingly working.

I got the asset loader system working to dynamically loaded up assets as needed.

And some other stuff.

I felt a little bit of discouragement during the week knowing that I've spent three weeks straight working on the codebase without a single visible change to the game to show for it.

That's sort of the nature of a massive refactoring. I haven't been deploying new features. I haven't been trying out new ideas for the game. I've just been straight up writing code without shipping anything.

I kept reminding myself that it's temporary, and once I make it to the other side of this refactoring the things that I'll be enabled to do very quickly from here on out will be well worth the time investment.

But - that's hard to keep in mind at all times.

Just have to stay positive and keep pushing.


Our financials for February 2020 were:

itemcost / earning
revenue+ $4.99
aws- $114.76
adobe substance- $19.90
GitHub LFS data pack- $5.00
photoshop- $10.65
ngrok- $10.00
chinedun@akigi.com Google email- $12.00
total- $167.36

Next Week

Finish re-working the asset compilation/build process to produce assets in the format that the runtime asset loader expects.

Start to hook up all of these pieces that we've built over the last few weeks.

I really want to be able to load up the game again - just to have that feeling of progress.

Keep on pushing!

Cya next time!