076 - Small Touches

July 19, 2020

Short journal entry this week as I spent Friday through Sunday hanging out with a friend and didn't get much work done during that time.

Displaying notices in the message panel

This week I introduced the PrivateNoticeComp, a component that powers letting the player know about different things that have happened.

Right now it helps to power showing information when you inspect something in the world, as well as when you attempt to do something that you do not yet know how to do.

Need to fix the new notice system to not repeatedly get pushed to the messages panel.

Going forwards this will be used in more and more situations where I need to give the player information about the world.

Game Editor Progress

I did some more foundational work on the game editor, this time around making it so that any number of running instances of the game, as well as the one running instance of the game editor, can share the same GPU device handle without having their resources collide.

This came down to giving each running application a unique ID that I named the GpuResourcePrefix and then massaging some types to make sure that prefix was enforced at the type level.

This will let me remove some synchronization code that I was previously using to let the game editor render the running application inside of the editor window.

Other Notes / Progress

  • Added in some Loading... text while the game is loading.

Next Week

Finish the Tutor of Science Quest...

Cya next time!