008 - September 23, 2018


This past week I was supposed to start making progress on planning out everything that I need to do in order to put out the first release of Akigi.

I was also supposed to implement terrain rendering.

I fell very short on my goals this week.

When deciding on what I wanted to get done I completely forgot that we were taking a team trip to Oklahoma at my job.

I arrived here on Friday and won't be back home until this coming Friday.

Travels put a bit of a damper on my progress and I ended up doing less release planning than I had hoped to. I didn't start on the terrain renderer until Sunday and I haven't finished.

Going forwards I'll need to be a better job of paying attention to how much time I'll have available in throughout the week while I'm deciding on what I want to get done.

My process for release planning has been to keep a list of things that I need to get done in a Trello board, plan them out on paper, then type out an implementation checklist onto the relevant Trello card.

Release checklist in Trello Working on planning out everything for launch.

When a card if fully planned it gets a pink Fully Planned label so that I can better see how much planning I have left.

Release checklist items Each card has a planned out checklist for how to complete it.

Depending on the scope of the task I'm finding that it can take anywhere from ten minutes to two+ hours to fully plan a card.

I'm noticing that I start to slow down a bit mentally when planning through one of the larger tasks, so I'll need to do a better job of breaking tasks down into smaller bite sized tasks that I can more easily hold in my head as I plan.

Next Week

I'll be in Oklahoma until Friday and am not expecting to get much done. This week I'll continue planning out my release checklist and finish the terrain rendering.

Next week we'll be backed to regularly scheduled programming and I should be able to make much more progress.

See ya next time!