093 - Firing a Bow (Part 2/4)

November 15, 2020

This week I fell short of what I set out to do.

I wanted to finish prototyping bow and arrow combat, but I did not even implement it let alone spend time iterating on it.

I spent almost all of this week re-architecting the engine's SkeletalAnimationSystem.

At first I was only going to add engine support for knowing when a specific part of an animation plays so that I could sequence a few aspects of the bow firing process properly, but this evolved into an all out refactor of a fair bit of our skeletal animation logic since it was glaringly clear to me that the foundation was poor in a number of ways.

While the clean up was not strictly necessary right now, I felt inspired and decided to go for it.

On the bright side, the new code will be much more extensible for the future when we explore things such as additive blending and inverse kinematics.

But, from a rapidly prototyping gameplay perspective it might have been better to have saved the re-architecting for another day.


I'm not sure that there are any more systems that need to be re-imagined from the ground up. So this won't be a common occurrence.

Other Notes / Progress

  • Refactored the bone interpolation API in the blender-armature crate.

Made a rig for the bow. I've been taking my new art learning regiment seriously and am excited to continue progressing.

Next Journal Entry

I'm taking the next two weeks to go all out in prototyping as much of bow and arrow combat as I can.

I'll be thrilled if two weeks from now I have something that "feels good".

What does "feels good" mean?

I'm not sure. I hope to figure that out along the way.

By next week I want to have some early screenshots and videos for my journal entry.

Then two weeks from now, something that "feels good".

I'm excited. I can do it.

I will need to be judicious about avoiding working on things that I can save for later.

Cya next time!