114 - Dipa Released

April 11, 2021

This week I'm releasing dipa, a framework for efficiently delta encoding large Rust data structures.

I've been working on the library for the last few weeks. I plan to make use of it in Akigi so I consider it to be work for the game, but it isn't the most interesting thing to write in a game development focused journal.

Now that it's released I'm going back to what I was working on before I decided to get it finished.

Namely, I'll be finishing the new runtime texture allocator and then making use of it in order to start rendering icons for game items.

Other Notes / Progress

  • dipa took my procedural macro writing skills to the next level. I'm excited to keep learning more about writing macros in the years to come.

Next Journal Entry

Runtime texture allocator. And hopefully I'll have some screenshots of the game to share since it's been a while.

Well Wishes,