030 - Apr 7, 2019


We mentioned Last week that this week was our first Investment Week, and it went great!

Our goal for last week was to fix a problem where we'd make mistakes with our deployments here and things wouldn't work when people would try the game.

In order to do this we were to set up continuous deployment for 3 of our 4 core services.

We managed to set up CD for two of those services, our website / web application and our authentication server.

Continuous Deployment

We're using terraform to provision all of our AWS resources such as load balancers, AWS ECR (elastic container registry) repositories, IAM users, groups and policies, and many more.

The majority of the week was spent learning what these different AWS services were and understanding how to piece them together to set up continuous deployment to AWS ECS (elastic container service).

Our new setup is that on ever commit to our master branch our CircleCI workflow will run our tests, and if tests pass it will deploy our auth server and website server to ECR, as well as deploying our WebAssembly website application to S3.

Our payment server should work largely the same way when we set up continuous deployment for it in the future.

The one that needs more thought though is our game server. We can't just simply deploy on green master builds since there will be players connected to the server.

We need a deploy process that will warn players of an upcoming server stoppage, give them time to finish what they're doing and log off, then automatically restart the server. We'll think through this deploy process in a future Investment Week.


Our financials for March 2019 were:

itemcost / earning
revenue+ $0
aws- $32.12
ngrok- $10.01

We didn't get charged for photoshop in March, the payments landed on Feb 28th and April 1st.

So there will likely be two photoshop charges for our April financials.

Next Week

Next week I'll be back to working on the highest priority items for my 5 Priority Weeks of my Super Cycle.

This mainly comes down to building our the first quest and making a lot of art for it.

Cya next time!