067 - Light Drizzle

May 17, 2020

A short journal entry this week as I'm in the middle of wrapping up a couple of things but haven't quite nailed them.

This week was a light drizzle with no new deploys.

Next week will be a heavy downpour.

Interactive Sequences

This week I made a fair bit of progress on the Tutor of War quest, which has mainly required me to make some improvements to the InteractiveSequenceSystem and its related data structures.

The InteractiveSequenceSystem is a master controller for taking players through a sequence of interactive nodes.

Nodes can have different behaviors.

For example, one node might be a dialogue node where a player chooses between one of several responses. Their selected response determins the next node in the graph.

Another node might power part of a cutscene and might not advance until a certain entity is defeated.

InteractiveSequenceNodes are typically a short lived main action that the player (or technically any eligible entity) is currently playing through.

One of the first use cases was for dialogue with non-playing characters, but since then other use cases have slowly emerged such as powering the Tutor of War's cut scene.


I'm four weeks in to my new routine of starting my day with Blender and I'm still very happy with how I've been growing from week to week.

I'm feeling very comfortable - and nowadays I'm finding myself looking forwards to getting to work on art.

One thing that stands out to me is that before beginning my training the idea of moving around vertices until things looked right was overwhelming and I would often just giveup. Now it's instinctual. Progress!

Rigged human First time using Riggify to generate a rig. Quite pleased with how easy it was! Much better than my previous rig that I made myself. There's quite a bit that I could learn by studying this rig.

An early capture of me working on the walk cycle. I felt excited to finally understand all of the different views and graphs.

Got the lower body walk cycle - next the upper body.

Today was my first time working with Blender's graph editor and I got really excited as I felt and applied its power.

At one point I noticed that the feet were too far apart during the walk cycle.

In the past I would have went through the painful process of re-keying the x location for each foot, but with my new-found knowledge I simply hopped in the graph editor and slid the F-curves for the left and right foot over.

It felt great.

Other Notes and Progress

  • I don't yet know if my blender exporter will work properly with my rigify rig but if it doesn't I'll dive into that and make it work.

Next Week

This week I'll create the upper body animation for the human rig and then start using the new human model in game.

I'll also work to finish the Tutor of War quest, as well as the quests for the other three tutors.

I'll also continue adding art into the game.

As well as take a look at an issue with visible seems between tiled terrain textures when mip-mapping.

Cya next time!