042 - September 15, 2019


Last week I finished modeling and rigging the capuchin mesh in Blender.

Capuchin rigged

Here's how it looks in game.

Use rocks

I also made items transparent while you're preparing to combine them with other items - just to make it more visually clear what you're doing. As well as other quality of life improvements such as Use Rocks instead of Use Item.

Before using rocks Before clicking use item.

Using rocks After clicking use item.

Going to keep cleaning up and adding new gameplay elements. Hopefully we'll have something a bit more fun soon.

This Week

This week I'll be working on fleshing out the first quest and making sure that it can be completed by someone who has never played the game.

Which basically means adding icons and models that are more clear than our current placeholders.

After that I'll work on the stats interface.

Cya next time!