035 - June 2, 2019


Still working on the physically based rendering tutorial and then incorporating what we learn there into the game.


Our financials for May 2019 were:

itemcost / earning
revenue+ $4.99
photoshop- $10.65
clubhouse- $10.00
aws- $113.79
ngrok- $10.00
total- $122.95

Our AWS bill went up by $80 this month due to some new resources that we added for AWS ECS. There were some that we didn't need, so going forwards this should shrink down to $70/80 dollars per month or so.

We also got our first "paying player!" I put that in quotes because they signed up not as much to play but rather to support the game .. but hey .. it's a start!

Next Week

Get this physically based rendering blog post published and start incorporating PBR into our game engine.

Cya next time!