084 - Painting Terrain Height

September 13, 2020

This week I added the basics of a terrain sculpting into the editor, building on top of the architecture that I put into place in 083.

You can now click and drag in order to paint height onto the terrain within the game editor, and the running instance of the game will be hot updated with the new displacements.

Clicking and dragging the mouse in order to modify terrain displacement within the game editor. There is still much to be desired, but nevertheless I'm excited to see things coming together.

There are a number of rough edges within the implementation to smooth out, but I'll address them over time.

Other Notes / Progress

It continues to bring me joy seeing the engine and its tools come together.


Next Week

The first two tools of the Tooling Saga were the scenery placement and terrain sculpting tools.

Both still need work, but they're at a place where I can add in more of what I need when I need it over time.

So I'm going to move on to working on the third tool, one that allows me to paint materials onto terrain.

This isn't all that different from painting displacements onto terrain, so I'd like to get this done before the next journal entry.

After that I will add a fourth tool for placing entities that should end up leveraging most of the same code that the scenery placement tool uses.

All in all I'm expecting to spend around two or three more weeks on tooling and then I will dive back into working on adding game play into the game, using all of these new tools to speed up my workflow.

Cya next time!