Welcome to Akigi Dev Journal!

This is where I journal about my experience building my game Akigi.

The multiplayer online world of Akigi.

I'm building Akigi alone using a game engine that I'm writing from scratch, which has me very excited but also comes with its fair share of challenges.

I write in my dev journal every week. Feel free to tag along for the ride.


I write about my progress and struggles on both the game and business side of Akigi.

I post a journal entry every Sunday evening EST.

I include a transparent business and financial update on the first post of every month.

On any given week I might share words, images, videos, charts, or anything else that best communicates the progress and struggles.

Writing Approach

I keep little bullet point notes throughout the week so that I don't forget about things that I want to write more about.

Then at the end of the week I'll write the journal entry and then publish it.

I give it two or three editing passes before publishing.

Don't expect world-class editing or cohesion. It's very much a lightly polished raw dump of implementation details or problems or progress that I found interesting that week.


The core Akigi repository is closed source.

Some of the libraries that power different aspects of Akigi are open source and can be found on my github. I'll eventually make a list of these libraries somewhere.

Akigi's servers, clients, website and tooling are written in Rust.

Comments and Questions

Shoot me an email!