119 - Better Time Management

May 16, 2021

Last week I decided to abandon WebGL in favor of WebGPU and I feel like I have a new lease on life.

I'm already noticing that while working on rendering abstractions I am now more concerned with and thoughtful about the future, as opposed to being too weighed down by trying to design for WebGL and not having mental space to think about much else.

I refactored a bit of my renderer-test test suite to make it easier to test the contents of specific textures after running a RenderGraph.

I now need to build on top of this new foundation to add some tests for modifying and copying between GPU textures at different mip map levels.

After that I need to update the old test asset compilation process to generate artifacts that are compatible with the new runtime texture allocation system.

From there I will kept some remaining test cases passing and then finally get runtime texture allocation merged.

Other Notes / Progress

  • I've been working on releasing some unrelated software that I'm licensing to another company, and I have been finding it difficult to balance working on Akigi with getting that other software done. This week I will be setting aside time to think through how to better manage my time between these two projects.

Next Journal Entry

I'm a broken record at this point. I need to finish this runtime texture allocation, but honestly my main priority this week is to make a plan for how to better balance my time so that I get back to making consistent progress on Akigi and the engine daily.

Well Wishes,