July 7, 2019


I finally finished the physically based rendering tutorial - after 7 weeks!

I'll be posting it later this week on chinedufn.com.

I plan to integrate a lot of what I learned into the game engine - so I consider it all time well invested.


Our financials for June 2019 were:

itemcost / earning
revenue+ $4.55
photoshop- $10.65
clubhouse- $10.00
AWS- $89.02
ngrok- $10.00
total- $122.95

Last months AWS bill was $113.79. We cut that down by $24.77 this month to $89.02 by getting rid of some unnecessary resources.

$90/month for AWS is right at the threshold where I'm considering consolidating some resources to get it down to around $30-$40 - but ultimately I think I'll focus on getting something worth paying for out rather than changing my server setup (going from ECS to EC2 for a few servers) only to have to change it all back later.

I'm adding one more ECS deployment for the payment serfer - so the bill should creep back over $100 in the next month or two.

Luckily after that there shouldn't be anything else to pay for until we have paying players and need to scale. But this sure is good incentive to hit that point more quickly.

We cancelled our Clubhouse subscription since it doesn't work well offline. In the last month we've started working offline heavily in order to focus without distraction. For now we're managing tasks using markdown files. If at some point that breaks down - we'll figure out where to go from there.

Another $4.55 ($4.99 - Stripe's cut) made this month. Let's bump that up soon!

Next month we should be adding around $20/month to our expenses since we'll be purchasing Substance Painter and Substance Designer subscriptions.

Next Week

Before integrating some new rendering techniques into the engine I'm going to take a week to finish up our continuous deployment.

The easier it is to deploy - the more I will deploy. This is critical in these early days where I want to be rapidly putting out new mechanics and art for the early players.

The last (and hardest) thing left to set up continuous deployment for is the game's websocket server, so that should take up all of this week.

Cya next time!