057 - Four Year Anniversary

March 8, 2020

In the previous journal entry we were down.

At the end of January we started working on refactoring the client into specs ECS, along the way adding much needed test coverage and fast-forwarding the code quality using everything I've learned in my last two years of Rust.

Without counting the two weeks I spent on vacation that makes this about four weeks straight of working on this.

Now, don't get me wrong, I don't regret it at all. The original goal of being able to add gameplay at top speed looks like it will pan out. Functions are small, everything has a clear place, the landscape is lovely.

But even with things shaping up there's still the unfortunate reality that a month straight without shipping anything is boring.

I feel like I haven't really had any fun for weeks now.

It's nice to solve problems that I run into as I go, but without that capstone of deploying the game it doesn't quite give me the same joy that I've been used to for the passed few years.

I've made some adjustments to combat that though.

I was originally trying to deploy with analogues of everything that was already live. Things like skeletal animation, and user interfaces and some other things.

But, I realized that I can instead deploy a bit earlier and just accept a short-term regression.

Especially since during this refactor I've added a lot of things that weren't there before or were broken before - so a step backwards here is made up for with a step forwards there.

This change in approach allowed me to focus on just finishing up the most critical pieces of the refactor so that I can get back to deploying one or more times per day and start having fun and feeling like I'm moving quickly again.

So that should be done by the next journal entry. All that remains is to deploy again is:

  • Changes to the texture atlas generation part of the asset compilation process.

  • Adding a terrain asset compilation step to the asset compilation process.

  • Finishing up the RenderSystem to properly make use of textures and terrain.

  • A couple days of plugging little issues to get tests passing and everything working

  • Start deploying again!

Should be getting all of that done this week.

Four Year Anniversary

The first commit for Akigi was on March 8th, 2016 - four years ago!

I planned to do some reflecting on the last four years in this journal entry - but I'm so mentally wrapped up in finishing this refactor that I don't feel like reflecting.

So - let's circle back at the five year anniversary.

Other Progress

  • Published rectangle-pack, a library I wrote to power our texture atlas generation.

Next Week


Cya next time!