031 - Apr 21, 2019


Since last time we checked in I made a sweeping change to the codebase to allow for one entity to have multiple meshes.

Before the multiple mesh support refactor

Previously every mesh corresponded to one entity - but this broke down recently while we were working on an entity that needed to be rendered using multiple different meshes.

Model enum The old Model enum that we've now removed.

After the multiple mesh support refactor

Now we have MeshName to represent our different meshes and IconName to represent our different icons.

With this one entity can have zero or one icons and any number of meshes. This allows us to create entity's that were previously impossible to create.

IconName enum We now have an IconName enum for icons.

MeshName enum We now have a MeshName enum for icons.

Next Week

For next week we'll create a bunch of new 3d models in Blender, some of which we'll leverage using our new multiple meshes for a single entity support.

We'll also fix some UI issues that we've run into while play-testing the first quest in the game.

Cya next time!