001 - Aug 5, 2018


Last week I worked on the www.akigi.com website, as well as creating the devjournal.akigi.com website.

For the Akigi main website I’m using Percy, my work-in-progress toolkit for building web front-ends with Rust.

The Akigi main website is using placeholder images and doesn’t have all of the copy and information and pages that it will need, but getting something live is a good first step and I can iterate from there.

This week I’m going to work on getting an early version of the game live and “playable” on the Akigi website. I put “playable” in quotation marks because I’m going to port the game’s WebGL web client to Rust so I can’t imagine that in one week I’ll have too much more than a blank canvas.

I want the game live so that people can check it out and give feedback all throughout the development process up until release.

I’m porting game’s web client to Rust because after porting the back end to Rust in January 2018 (from JavaScript) I felt much more productive in the codebase and I hope to see the same gains on the client side.

Business & Financials

The first post of every month will include a business & financials update.

I July 2018 Akigi earned $0 in revenue.

As for expenses, I’m not sure.

I’m charging things to a couple different cards that I also use for my personal life so expenses are littered around by card statement. If I had to estimate I would say that I spend less than $50/mo on the game - mostly on Amazon Web Services.

I’ll get all of the expenses onto one dedicated card for easier tracking and reporting and come back with a more detailed breakdown next month.

See ya next time!