002 - Aug 12, 2018


Last week I was supposed to get the game deployed so that you could "play" it.

"Play" in quotes because you could technically log into the game, but there would just be a blank canvas.

We got this task done! I hooked up Google and Facebook login via OAuth and you can now login to the game and see a blank black game screen.

This week I'll be working on being able to actually render 3D models in the game. This functionality used to exist, but since I've moved from JavaScript to Rust I need to re-implement a lot of the client functionality. The hope is that this minor setback pays off in long term productivity and codebase maintainability.

I already have an open source blender exporter to export the model data from Blender, so I'll just leverage that in my game's codebase. Shouldn't be too wild.

I'll also be tweaking the game's networking code a bit. Now that I'm using Rust instead of JavaScript on the client side, I don't need to use protocol buffers anymore. I can just serialize player state updates on the server side using serde, send them down the wire and then deserialize them on the client side.

This will remove my protobuf and rust-protobuf dependencies meaning that we no longer need some separate specification and toolkit to power our networking protocol.

So far these journal entries haven't been very visual, but hopefully as we start getting things into the new client I'll have pictures and/or videos to share.

But, as always, you can always check out the latest progress on the Akigi website!

See ya next time!