Welcome to Akigi Dev Journal!

This is a journal about my progress on building my game Akigi.

The multiplayer online world of Akigi.

I'm building Akigi alone, which has me very excited but also comes with its fair share of challenges.

I hope to share this excitement and these challenges with you along the way.


There are two high level goals with Akigi, a game goal and a business goal.

The game goal is to build something that players love and that I'm proud of. Not everyone will be a fan, and some might hate it passionately, but as long as there is a pocket of players that love the game I'll consider it a success.

The business goal is to earn enough revenue to be able to work on the game full time. This comes down to having at least a couple thousand active players. Akigi will be a paid game at $9.99/month. There will be no micro-transactions, ever.


I want to share my progress and struggles on both the game and business side of Akigi.

I'll share every Sunday evening EST.

I'll publish game focused journal entries every week, and include a transparent business and financials update on the first post of every month.

On any given week I might share words, images, videos, charts, or anything else that best communicates the progress and struggles.

I hope that you'll join for the ride!